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Happy Hour Writing Session

What's more satisfying than leaving work behind on a Friday afternoon? Rounding out the week with a free writing session, of course! Maximize that Friday feeling and kick off your writing weekend. Leave work behind on Friday, June 21st, from 5:30pm-6:30pm and come on over to Grub HQ. In 60 jam-packed minutes, you’ll meet fellow writers and get your creative juices flowing with some great writing exercises. Free drinks (beer, wine, coffee, water) and snacks provided. 

Self Publishing 101

Curious about self-publishing? Learn how to use readily available and affordable resources to publish work that you believe in. With new technological innovations, the ability to write, edit, publish, and promote your own work is just within arms’ reach. With all of the options available, it could feel daunting to think about embarking on the process – yet this course can help synthesize these options based on a variety of factors (cost, time, energy and etc.) Join a self-published author in discussing and outlining your projects so that you are prepared to take your first step towards self-publishing.

The Successful Poetry Submission

Join a Poetry Submission Package crash course with an assistant poetry editor for the literary journal Redivider. Students should bring in three poems they've been working on to read aloud in class. The first half of the course will be a writing workshop, and the second half will be spent revising and discussing submission strategies for the poems. We will discuss where to send them, what order to include them in, how to craft a CV, and many more tips and tricks along the way. This course is for anyone new to submitting poetry and interested in learning about the process of submitting. We will also discuss what it means to work on the back-end of a publication. What do journals look for when submissions come in? What will help you stand out? This course will require students to bring in work ready to be workshopped, and students will create a submission plan during class. 

6 Weeks, 6 poems

Whether you're looking to experiment, produce new works for a collection, or work on revisions, this workshop offers the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge of poetry. Each week, you will study the craft and vision of contemporary poets and write your own poems to be workshopped the following week. This class will allow you to break old habits, play with unconventional forms, and, most importantly, leave the course with both fresh and revised drafts of many poems. Authors discussed in this class may include Lucille Clifton, Tyree Daye, Kim Addonizio, Brenda Shaughnessy, Li-Young Lee, Ocean Vuong and others.

Reclaiming the Body

Reclaiming the Body is a workshop dedicated to discussing and crafting poems dedicated and inspired by our relationships to our bodies. We’ll explore various performance based and poetic texts dedicated to empowering their audiences to reclaim their bodies. Whether writers have experienced illness, assault, loss and/or shifts within the body, this workshop is a reflective space to embark on a journey of self-discovery of the physical self.  This workshop will consist of guided reflective writing exercises, readings with analysis on structure and form along with a space to share back work. Readings consist  of authors such as Martin Espada, Sonia Sanchez, Morgan Parker, Natalie Diaz and Danez Smith.



The House Slam Featuring Tatiana M.R. Johnson

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