for the love of black girls

Tatiana M.R. Johnson’s first collection of poems is a love letter to black girls everywhere. “for the love of black girls” makes visible the pain and magic that is growing up a black girl in America by recalling her own coming-of-age story and chanting that black women are present, lovable and anything but invisible.

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“Way of the World” in Southern Humanities Review, forthcoming October 2019

“After Autumn” in Transition Magazine, forthcoming Summer 2019

“Another Death” in Santa Clara Review, May 2019

"my mother and i loiter" in Inside the Bell Jar, May 2018

"add half & half for sweetness," "caretaker" and “on my father’s anger” in Hypertrophic Literary, March 2017

"Diamonds after Royalty, Victoria, Paradise & them," “Crowdpleaser,” “black song,” and “add half & half for sweetness” in Fog Machine Press, January 2017

"Mothership" and “Gospel” in Maps for Teeth Magazine, January 2017

"on my father's anger" in Broad! Magazine, August 2016

"Second Skin" in Madcap Review, July 2016 & Nominated for Pushcart XLI 2017